What’s New on Patreon

Here’s what’s been happening Patreon and what’s coming up soon!

Selkie Cove Series

The Seal Cove Romance series started off as a story about veterinarians who treat magical creatures. I decided to revive that idea in a spin-off series following the same characters, but with mermaids, pocket dragons, centaurs, selkies, and more.

(N)unconventional Habits: A Nun Tuck Novella

Nun Tuck is one of my favorite characters from Nottingham. This story was supposed to be short, but it grew, and now is a novella in three parts. I’ve posted the first, and the second will be coming soon. I also recently posted a story about Midge and Little John titled ‘By the Light of the Forge,’ and have plans for a romantic origin story for Willa and Alanna.

Stillwater: A Miranda Novella

I promised a novella about Miranda a while back, and toward the end of this month, the first chapter will go live.

Ever wonder what Miranda’s life was like before she met Rose? So did I, which explains how this story came about. From her life before the Gemini mutiny to her time on Ching’s ship, this novella answers your questions.

Queered Retellings

  • Sea, Serpent, Stone; Sapphic Medusa!
  • Ascent; a dystopian Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Daughter of the Coral Court; a Little Mermaid retelling
  • The Glass Coffin; Sleeping Beauty as a vampire
  • Neverland is for Lovers; a Peter Pan choose your own adventure
  • Let Down Your Hair; Rapunzel + a blacksmith


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