And the Winner Is…

Spindrift is launched and, to mix my worlds, I’ve bid her fair seas, as the crew in Compass Rose would say. I didn’t know what to expect from the experience. Like every other author who launched a book in the middle of a pandemic, I had mixed feelings, but it turned out to be so much more rewarding than I could have anticipated.

The virtual launch with Rachel Spangler was a blast, and I want to thank everyone who attended! You made the evening special and asked great questions and in general showed me more love than any author deserves. You’re amazing.

I also ran two give-aways, which is my favorite thing to do. The first was on my social platforms. I asked readers to share the location of their first romance, and I got such incredible responses that I’m choosing two winners:

From Instagram:

@missy_zuzia posted: My first true romance began in Oxford. I was living in the neighbouring city of Reading, studying for my Law degree but actually playing a lot of rugby. I matched on an online dating app with someone called Julie: a woman my age who worked in her mum’s coffee shop, who hated coffee in spite of this, and played roller derby because she’s badass. I was enamoured. After months of back and forth, texting, and one memorable video call, we decided to have our first date in Oxford. We met at the train station. I remember feeling incredibly nervous, and I know she did too. Yet, it was as if we had met before, and we could both feel that something special was unfolding. As we played board games for hours at Thirsty Meeples café, meandered our way to Pitt Rivers Museum (though it closed ten minutes after we arrived), and walked hand in hand to Giovanni’s family-run Spaghetti House, we talked about everything and laughed like I hadn’t laughed for years. We didn’t want the day to end. So, I stayed over, and – maybe it’s horribly cringey – but the next morning I asked her to, please, be my girlfriend? Because I couldn’t imagine leaving and not telling her how I felt. She said yes. Four years have gone by, and before the lockdown in England, I proposed. Julie said yes to that too.

Isn’t that adorable?!?!

From Twitter:

Each winner gets an eBook of Spindrift!

Bywater also ran a hilarious contest that I am tempted to repeat from now until eternity because you are all so freakin’ creative!!!

This was SO HARD. So, once again, MULTIPLE WINNERS.

From Facebook:

Jude Silberfeld: RBG, an ice cream parlor and a Captain Marvel t-shirt (this feels like a game of Clue).

How could we not choose RBG?

From Instagram:

Because, wasps. And a shout out to @purraesthetic for hilarity. You get an ebook for creativity, though I don’t think even I can work this into the next book! Though I may try…

Thank you all for playing!!!

What are reviewers saying about Spindrift?

“This is, and will be, the best book released this year.” ~BOOKVARK

“This book is a real gem. I highly recommend it.” ~The Lesbian Book Blog

“Highly, highly, highly recommended.” ~BLE


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