Anna Burke’s debut novel, Compass Rose, will be in bookstores in summer 2018. Stay tuned for more news about upcoming publications, and check out what Bywater Books has to say about Compass Rose.

Compass Rose

BYWATER BOOKS is pleased to announce the signing of COMPASS ROSE by debut novelist ANNA BURKE. “This is a swashbuckling 26th century dystopian adventure novel,” said publisher Salem West. “It’s smart, colorful and quirky, yet it manages to deliver a healthy dose of heart, humor, and humility on every page.”

In the year 2513, the only thing higher than the seas is what’s at stake for those who sail them.
Compass Rose_1

Rose was born facing due north, with an inherent perception of cardinal points flowing through her veins. Her uncanny sense of direction earns her a coveted place among the Archipelago Fleet elite, but it also attracts the attention of Admiral Comita, who sends her on a secret mission deep into pirate territory.

Accompanied by a ragtag crew of mercenaries and under the command of Miranda, a captain as bloodthirsty as she is alluring, Rose discovers the hard way that even the best sense of direction won’t be enough to keep her alive if she can’t learn to navigate something far more dangerous than the turbulent seas.

Aboard the mercenary ship, Man o’ War, Rose learns quickly that trusting the wrong person can get you killed—and Miranda’s crew have no intention of making things easy for her—especially Miranda’s trusted first mate, Orca, who is as stubborn as she is brutal.