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“Anna Burke has created a real gem with Compass Rose, one that fans of sci fi, and specifically climate fiction, should not miss. That this is Burke’s first book is also kind of incredible, because her talent is evident on every page. This is one author to watch, since she’s sure to delight us with more weird and wonderful stories for years to come.”TARA SCOTT, Lambda Literary [full review]

“Burke has created an amazing and vibrant world in Compass Rose. Every detail she has written is a fine thread in a vivid tapestry that makes this dystopian tale unlike anything I have ever read.”VICTORIA THOMAS, The Lesbian Review [full review]

“Compass Rose isn’t a love story, though there is love. It’s not a pirate’s tale, though we for sure see pirates. It’s not even a coming of age even though Rose grows beyond most characters I read. This novel is a complete package and an experience. It’s an expansive tale that I rarely get to read and I will treasure it among my favorites of all time.”KELLY ATEN, The Lesbian Review [full review]

“I found the writing intriguing, the tone and energy were different to the standard lesfic novel, and I don’t remember reading anything quite like this in the sci-fi fantasy genre; definitely a new voice and a unique style. The world building was excellent with huge attention to detail, the characters are well drawn and varied, the descriptions vivid and colourful and the action was extremely fast-paced and multi-faceted, it felt like reading an action sci-fi movie… and what a wonderful movie it would make.” –Lesbian Reading Room [full review]



“Burke is adept at imbuing a deep fairy tale with social relevance… Thoroughly gratifying,Thorn is a perennial escape fantasy tangled up with a call to adventure. Burke turns one young woman’s release from drudgery into a beguiling disruption of conventional social roles, expected dichotomies, and personal power.” –Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers, Foreword Reviews

“One of the best modern fairytales of the decade!” Karelia Stetz-Waters, author of Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before

“Once again, Burke defies easy categorization – it’s romance, it’s adventure, it’s fantasy, it’s a fairy tale, it’s feminist literature, it has elements of ecofiction. It’s so many things at once. And it’s delicious. Anna Burke is very quickly becoming a favorite author.” –Carleen Spry, Frivolous Views

“A captivating retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, expertly interwoven with elements from folklore. Poetic, and heartbreakingly beautiful.” –Goodreads Reviewer



“In Nottingham, Anna Burke has created a Sherwood Forest both familiar to readers of the classic tale and deftly, vividly reimagined for a queer audience. Burke’s prose is lush and detailed, her storytelling as fast-paced and thrilling as a damn good heist. Steadfast, clever, and deadly with a bow, Robyn had me captivated from the first page, and her achingly slow-burn romance with Marian left me breathless. In turn heartbreaking and heart-pounding, this lesbian retelling of Robin Hood and Maid Marian is the fairy tale I’ve always been waiting for.”NINA VARELA, author of Crier’s War

“Burke’s talent is boundless.”VICTORIA THOMASThe Lesbian Review


“I loved this book. The characters are alluring and the storytelling is first rate, but that’s not surprising considering Burke earned INDIES LGBTQ+ 2019 Book of the Year for one of her previous books. Burke is a natural storyteller with an ability to paint scenes with her words that leave you moved–moved to laughter and to tears. Spindrift is the first book in the series and I can’t wait to see where she takes these wonderful characters next. This book is a real gem. I highly recommend it.” –The Lesbian Book Blog [full review]

Highly, highly, highly recommended.” –BLE [full review]

Last January, Nottingham, my first book by Anna Burke, wrecked me, and yet all I remember is how wonderful and fantastic and smart it was. I’m pretty sure this one will have the same effect. What I’ll remember in a few months will not be what brought Emilia to Seal Cove but how it helped her give new meaning to her life. And let’s be honest, probably how hot the sex was too.” –Jude in the Stars [full review]