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Nottingham Book Club Questions’s courtesy of Boston BOOQ

  1. How does the reimagining of Robyn Hood as a woman impact the classic narrative? What were any differences you noticed from “traditional” Robin Hood stories and how did you feel about the changes?
  2. Anna writes with gender affirming pronouns and descriptions, with some characters evolving their identities throughout the story. How did her writing help you develop a sense of the characters’ identities?
  3. There are some really badass women in this story doing badass things. That’s it. That’s the prompt. 
  4. The idea of “chosen family” is very important to many people throughout their lives. 
    – What was the impact of “chosen family” for each character? 
    – What experiences do you have where chosen family helped you grow, succeed, or made you feel safe? 
  5. Freedom is a major theme in Nottingham and the story explores the intersection of freedom, class, and gender. 
    – Which character do you think was impacted most by these intersections in their personal experience and why? 
    – What types of “freedom” that the characters fought for (both for themselves and others) resonated most with you? 
  6. Robyn and her merry band each bring necessary skill-sets to their group to help survive in the forest and succeed in their missions. What would your special skill or role in the group be if you joined up with Robyn or if your book club was your own band of righteous thieves? 
  7. Game: It seems like Anna had lots of fun finding and using medieval period terms, which added to the atmosphere of the story. How many of these terms do you remember and can define? (fletcher, goshawks, staves, filly, quarterstaff, yeoman)