Book Box Day!

Forget holidays–there is no day I look forward more than book box day. This is my fourth book box day and it is getting even more exciting each time. I think this is because writing is weird. What is a WordDoc, anyway, but a bunch of invisible data floating around in the Cloud? Even having … More Book Box Day!

Writing Romance in a Plague Year

Breaking News: Love in the Time of COVID, the long-awaited sequel to Love in the Time of Cholera, released at last! (just kidding) I turned in final edits for my first contemporary romance novel, Spindrift, in March. You may recall March–it lasted approximately seven years. Working on a relatively light-hearted romance novel while people were dying by … More Writing Romance in a Plague Year

Why Nottingham?

Every time a writer sits down to create a story they face a multitude of choices. Since stories don’t exist in a vacuum, all of those choices add up to make meaning–whether the writer intends that meaning or not. Our world influences our narratives, and our narratives influence our world. Who we choose to present … More Why Nottingham?

I’m on Patreon!

This summer hasn’t gone exactly how I envisioned–I was in a car accident in early April that left me with a nasty concussion and derailed most (aka all) of my summer plans. However, I am finally on the mend, and I have exciting news! First, I did manage to get Nottingham to the editor in … More I’m on Patreon!