Freelance Work

Anna Burke is a freelance writer with a passion for writing accurate, scientifically backed articles about pet health, agriculture, and the environment. Her work has appeared in print publications like GRIT Magazine and Activity Maine, and she produces regular web content for the American Kennel Club, The Labrador Site, and She Knows Media.

You can find examples of her work on LinkedIn, her portfolio, or on some of her site-specific author websites:

What people are saying about Anna Burke:

“Anna is a complete joy to work with. She is reliable, never misses a deadline and always goes the extra mile to ensure her writing is as good as it can be. She has a strong voice and adds thoughtful insight into every article she writes.  Her writing not only delivers valuable information, but also furthers the conversation by offering readers a unique perspective on a topic.” Kenzie Mastroe, She Knows Media

“She’s a quality editor that has a knack for preserving author’s unique voice. She did a fabulous job editing two of my works. I’ve worked with several editors and she’s by far the best. Her comments were brilliant, right on target and had a pinch of humor. She has an eye for content and gives honest, constructive feedback. She did all this AND handed back my work early!” Michele Reynolds, author of Trail Swap, Love’s Autograph, Surpassing, and more