NIGHT TIDE Audiobook Release

February might be wrapping up, but with a snow storm headed my way here in Massachusetts (jumping from 65 degrees today to a foot of snow tomorrow night?!?!), it’s the perfect time to announce the release of Night Tide on audio. If you haven’t read the Seal Cove Series yet, the first book, Spindrift, is also available on audio and will bring you all the summer vibes you might be missing. Night Tide, however, celebrates the beauty of a warm wood stove in the winter and more than a few steamy hate kisses–though their “hate” might be covering up deeper feelings.

Tides change, but some feelings can’t be washed away.

Lillian Lee doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Hate is a different story—and one she is intimately familiar with. Luckily, she hasn’t seen her arch-nemesis, Ivy Holden, since graduating from veterinary school five years ago. Since then, while her life isn’t going exactly according to plan, she’s happy. She has great friends, a job she loves, and the best pets in the world. Most importantly, her life is stable.Seal Cove, Maine, is the last place Ivy Holden anticipated ending up. But when an unexpected medical condition forces her to relocate to be closer to family, she can’t turn down the opportunity. Her new job at Seal Cove Veterinary Clinic has everything she needs: flexibility, proximity to her family’s summer home, and the chance to do the work she loves. Unfortunately, it also has Lillian Lee.Thrown back into each other’s orbits, Lillian and Ivy must find a way to work together, despite the treacherous emotions threatening to drown them both.


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