November Patreon Campaign

This month only, I am launching a Patreon campaign with some exciting (I think) benefits for new subscribers.

Patreon is a site where I connect with readers and share original fiction, audio content, and more. It gives readers an insight into the writing life, along with original content, and helps me keep writing. To put things into perspective, I make almost as much from my Patreon as I do from my royalties. Patreon helps me and many other writers (Seanan McGuire, N.K. Jemisin, and many more) make a living writing. More importantly, it gives me a space to share work.

Currently, I have two serialized stories: (N)unconventional Habits, a novella in three parts following Nun Tuck, and Stillwater, a prequel from the world of Compass Rose about Miranda Stillwater. I also regularly write fairytale/myth/legend retellings, and put out silly content like “texts from Compass Rose,” or anti-inspirational posters. It’s fun, and I love hearing from readers and talking about books and writing in this space!

The upcoming campaign will give patrons who sign up for a yearly membership at any level the ebook of their choice, and higher tiers may request any/all ebook titles. Patrons already have access to audiobook codes for Nottingham and Spindrift, and there is other audio content exclusively for Patrons. Higher tiers (yearly and monthly) also will receive a signed copy of the paperback of their choice, shipped anywhere in the world!

Does this mean that you could sign up for $15 a month (or $153, which is the cost of a $15 yearly membership with the %15 discount) and get all my ebooks, two audiobooks and codes for all upcoming audiobooks, and a signed copy of your favorite of my novels? Yes. Yes it does. (Signed books only for yearly memberships–existing Patrons who have been a member for over 3 months also qualify!)

The breakdown:

  • All yearly memberships receive a free ebook of their choice
  • Yearly AND monthly memberships $10+ receive any/all ebooks of their choice
  • Yearly subscribers $15 and up receive a signed paperback, shipped anywhere in the world
  • All memberships have access to free audiobooks of Spindrift and Nottingham and any upcoming audiobook releases!
  • All memberships come with access to previous content


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