Braving A New Genre: Romance

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not exactly a romantic. As a writer, while I enjoy romantic subplots and giving queer readers (myself included) characters to root for or against, fall in love with, and, occasionally, hate, that’s mostly because I’m the tiniest bit sadistic. Snatching happily-ever-afters away until the very last minute is a hobby of mine. Writing a Romance with a capital R? That was daunting. I couldn’t bury all that sapphic longing beneath ancient curses or rising seas or evil sheriffs. I had to face it head on, without dumping a kraken in their midst.

Was I ready?

Hell yes, as it turned out. This book was fun. Morgan, Emilia, Stormy, Lillian, Stevie, and Angie feel so embarrassingly like real people that I’m sometimes tempted to text them, and don’t even get me started on the animals. I want to boop each and every imaginary snoot. I didn’t even fantasize about Morgan or Emilia being eaten by man-eating squid during the saggy middle section of the draft, which was a first. I actually wanted them to be happy.

Me, scouting the unknown Romantic terrain ahead

This was such a revelation that I immediately went on to draft the second book in the series. That one was also fun (no spoilers), and, despite my fears that I didn’t have what it took to write Romance, I began to think that maybe, just maybe, I hadn’t totally botched the job.

You will be the ultimate judges, dear readers. And so, I am thrilled to announce that in just a few days, my very first contemporary romance will hit the shelves. The Bywater Exclusive Release (only at begins Tuesday, August 11, and the wide release day (available everywhere) is Tuesday, August 25.

Please join me and award-winning romance author Rachel Spangler for a virtual launch party August 25 at [time and link]. There will be laughs, readings, and maybe even a sneak peek at Rachel’s next release if we ask nicely.

Happy Reading!

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