Book Box Day!

Forget holidays–there is no day I look forward more than book box day. This is my fourth book box day and it is getting even more exciting each time. I think this is because writing is weird. What is a WordDoc, anyway, but a bunch of invisible data floating around in the Cloud? Even having it on a hard drive doesn’t make it anymore concrete. Call me a luddite, but technology still feels like magic a lot of the time, and therefore not quite real.

Box of Books!

Physical books, with their new book smell and soft covers and turnable pages are real. Still magical, but in a different way. A concrete way. A, “this is a real thing that I can hold and touch and accidentally drop in the bathtub without erasing all the files” way. It’s exciting and validating and it makes me squee and dance around and no, I will never film that part for you because I have a tiny bit of pride, but I will confess that there is a Book Box Day song, and the only word is “books.”

“Books books books books…”

Books! With a terrarium! And a shell!

Anyway, on Book Box Day in my household, several things happen. First, I rush down the stairs to collect the box of my author copies, then rush back up, probably cackling with glee and alarming the neighbors. Then I slice into the box like a hot knife through butter (with the assistance of dogs) and stare at the new covers. The first book I pull out is handed to my wife, who always gets the first copy. (I sign it on the first day because otherwise I get so anxious about what to write in it for her that it can take up to a year) The next copy becomes my author copy, which I will use for author readings and as a reference for future books in the series. This copy sits on my desk and gets annotated and probably will end up with a broken spine and some coffee stains. Lastly, I text my friend and cover artist, Ann McMan, and tell her yet again how much I love her work.

Books and plants!

The rest of my author copies are reserved for give-aways, local events (remember when those were a thing? hahah oh COVID), and signed copies for friends and family. In this case, I will be giving my parents a redacted copy because this book is muuuuuch steamier than my previous books and I’m a repressed WASP at heart. 

Kindle Store: Spindrift

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pet my copies of Spindrift like they are living creatures and maybe arrange them in piles.


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