Release the…Thorn?

Thorn_BurkeCrazy as it feels, October is almost over, which means Thorn’s release is only a few months away, along with the bitter winds of winter (yes, still waiting on that book Mr. Martin). The book itself is long out of my hands and with the publisher, and I’ve been so lost in my current projects that I had to reread it to reacquaint myself with the protagonists: Rowan and the Huntress.

So, now that I’m caught up, what can you expect from the book? For starters, it isn’t a sequel to Compass Rose, although that is in the works, and in some ways it’s a very different type of book from my debut novel. It’s set on land, polar bears still exist, and the overall temperature is decidedly frigid instead of several degrees Celsius warmer than today’s earth, but the things I love reading and writing about–badass women, complicated relationships, and a healthy dose of sexual tension–are definitely still in residence. I also added in some creepy roses, a scrawny wolf pup, and some clever geothermal plumbing. Writing tip: A hot spring goes a long way towards keeping out the winter chill, not to mention turning up the heat between sworn enemies.

The thing I’m most excited about sharing with you, however, isn’t the romance or the pleasure of reading about the bitter north country from the snug safety of a blanket and some mulled wine (essential reading supplies, although tea and coffee are also acceptable alternatives). It’s something more personal, and perhaps a little childish. Thorn is a tribute to the part of me that never outgrew fairy tales, especially the darker, twisted, more relatable ones. It’s also my attempt to give you, my dear, queer readers, a fairy tale that you can see yourselves in. I hope you enjoy reading it in January at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it, and check back for some excerpts as we get closer to the release date.

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